man: NAME: pipe – create an interprocess channel

import from compressed export file

Example below demonstrates how to import ‘directly’ from a compressed file. Handy when you have not enough space on your mountpoint to unpack the file.

mknod pipe_db01 p

zcat exp.dmp.Z > pipe_db01 &

sleep 3

imp / file=pipe_db01 ... 

Same as above but now for the other compression utilities.

unzip -p exp.dmp.zip > pipe_db01 &
gunzip < exp.dmp.gz > pipe_db01 &

gzip -cNf < pipe_db01 > exp.dmp.Z &
gunzip -c exp.dmp.Z > pipe_db01 &
cpio -icvdu < exp.dmp.cpio > pipe_db01 &

The other way around

Export to pipe and compress.

$ mknod c.pipe p
$ nohup compress < c.pipe > exp_DB01_2007-10-31.dmp.Z & 
$ nohup exp system/$(cat .pwd) file=c.pipe owner=inotime log=exp_DB01_2007-10-31.log & 

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