Centos 5.0 install fails, kernel panic

  • Published on Aug 9 2007
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  • vmware

The following configuration is at place, VMWare Server (1.0.3) on Windows XP (host operating system). Installation of Centos 5.0 fails with kernel panic.

I can not get Centos 5.0 installed, I choose, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 as the ‘Guest Operating System’ the boot starts fine, but after a while the kernel panic errors appear and the install freezes.

Solution (workaround)

As I did not have the time to sort this one out, I downloaded a preconfigured VM Machine CentOS 5.0 server install from thoughtpolice.co.uk, http://www.thoughtpolice.co.uk/vmware/#centos5.0 (ziparchive is 399M, extracted it is 8G). This one is running stable now, thank you thought police! Saved my day.

Screen Captures

Centos welcome screen Kernel Panic abort

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