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  • Published on Aug 9 2007
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Example of manual creation of a progress database using the prostrct utility.

Create a structure file

First create a structure file with a text editor.

Rules for creating storage areas and extents
When you are defining storage areas and extents in order to create a new database:

  • The minimum information required in a .st file is one schema area extent definition
    statement and one primary recovery (BI) area extent definition statement.
  • The minimum information needed to specify any extent is the storage area type and extent
    pathname. For example:
    If you do not define a primary recovery extent path in the .st file, the PROSTRCT
    CREATE utility generates an error.
  • You cannot use any of the reserved storage area names as application data storage area

So I created a structure file structure file
# bi file, location, variable size, size
b /m001/prodata/db01/db01.b1 v 1024

# schema area, location, fixed size, size
d "schema Area",32 /m001/prodata/db01/db01.d1 f 1024

Validate the structure file

The structure file can be validated for errors using the prostrct utility:

$ prostrct create /m001/prodata/db01/db01 -validate
The structure file format is valid. (12619)
Device: /m001/, KBytes needed: 1088, KBytes available: 4811017 (12616)
There is sufficient free space to initialise the defined extents. (12618)

Create the database

Use prostrct create to create a progress database.

$ prostrct create /m001/prodata/db01/db01

Formatting extents:
   size                area name   path name
      8    Primary Recovery Area /m001/prodata/db01/db01.b1 00:00:00
    256              Schema Area /m001/prodata/db01/db01.d1 00:00:00
$ ls -la /m001/prodata/db01/
total 1128
drwxr-xr-x 2 remivisser root    4096 Jul 31 19:47 .
drwxr-xr-x 3 remivisser root    4096 Jul 31 19:43 ..
-rw-r--r-- 1 remivisser dba    32768 Jul 31 19:47 db01.b1
-rw-r--r-- 1 remivisser dba  1048576 Jul 31 19:47 db01.d1
-rw-r--r-- 1 remivisser dba    32768 Jul 31 19:47 db01.db
-rw-r--r-- 1 remivisser dba      427 Jul 31 19:47 db01.lg

Display database structure

Use prostrct list to display the structure of a progress database.

‘prostrct list’ listing
$ prostrct list /m001/prodata/db01/db01
Area Name: Control Area, Type 6, Block Size 4096, Extents 1, Records/Block 32, Cluster Size 1
   Ext # 1, Type VARIABLE, Size 32 KByte, Name: /m001/prodata/db01/db01.db

Area Name: Primary Recovery Area, Type 3, Block Size 8192, Extents 1
   Ext # 1, Type VARIABLE, Size 8 KByte, Name: /m001/prodata/db01/db01.b1

Area Name: Schema Area, Type 6, Block Size 4096, Extents 1, Records/Block 32, Cluster Size 1
   Ext # 1, Type FIXED   , Size 1024 KByte, Name: /m001/prodata/db01/db01.d1


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