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  • Published on Sep 3 2007
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Windows handies

Change internet proxy acces using .reg file

Since I’m on/off different virtual private networks I need to change my internet proxy server (Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options : Connections : Lan Settings : Proxy Server) every time I switch vpn’s. I don’t have RSI and I like to keep it that way. The .reg file below does the trick. (I needed to change Regedit4 into Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00). Got it from this Microsoft KB article.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings]

Silent load of registry (.reg) file.

To avoid the anoying popups when double clicking a registry file the registry file can be loaded with the regedit utility silently. Syntax is 'regedit /s .


C:\\bin\\EXE\\vpn>regedit /s C:\\bin\\EXE\\vpn\\setproxy.reg


Registry Key Locations

Some registry key locations (for manual removal of windows services, startup programs).

Windows Services (c:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\services.msc)

Startup Commands, MSConfig Startup tab (C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\dllcache\\msconfig.exe)


Shutdown acn be done with the shutdown.exe (C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\shutdown.exe).

C:\\>rem Reboot

C:\\>C:\WINDOWS\\system32\\shutdown /r


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