dbverify in nohup

Suffering from corruption in your database, it is nearly just as challenging as in real life…

The other day we suffered from a curruption in a 500+ Gigabyte database, as a sequentual dberify would take about 16+ hours I wrote this one below which starts the dbv’s in nohup in parallel. My dbv finished within the hour, system performance will drop though;)

SQL> l
  1  select
  2  'nohup dbv' ||
  3   ' file=' || file_name ||
  4   ' blocksize=4096' ||
  5   ' logfile=' || file_id || '_' || substr( file_name, instr(file_name,'/',-1) +1) || '.log &'
  6  from
  7* dba_data_files
SQL> /

nohup dbv file=C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\USERS01.DBF blocksize=4096 logfile=4_C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\USERS01.DBF.log &
nohup dbv file=C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\SYSAUX01.DBF blocksize=4096 logfile=3_C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\SYSAUX01.DBF.log &
nohup dbv file=C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\UNDOTBS01.DBF blocksize=4096 logfile=2_C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\UNDOTBS01.DBF.log &
nohup dbv file=C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\SYSTEM01.DBF blocksize=4096 logfile=1_C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\SYSTEM01.DBF.log &
nohup dbv file=C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\EXAMPLE01.DBF blocksize=4096 logfile=5_C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\EXAMPLE01.DBF.log &
nohup dbv file=C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\P1PERG001.DBF blocksize=4096 logfile=7_C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\P1PERG001.DBF.log &
nohup dbv file=C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\P1PERG002.DBF blocksize=4096 logfile=8_C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\DB01\DB01\P1PERG002.DBF.log &

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