freaking hilarious incident…

**** production DB issue
User ID :****
Phone :+****
Location :****
PC nr :**** …

Software/hardware :****
Problem & TS :
A job hangs in ****,
Job name: ****

User would like to be called back on the phone number provided if more information is needed.
User said he cannot explain it to me because its too difficult to understand and i wouldnt understand anything anyways.
**** production DB issue

copy from call ticket 600-01-12184003 with incident ticket 600-02-6637739 …

hey team,
talked with **** **** about this problem and she assigned it to your team.
Can you please take a look at it?
Thank you …

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Windows handies

Windows handies …

Change internet proxy acces using .reg file

Since I’m on/off different virtual private networks I need to change my internet proxy server (Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options : Connections : Lan Settings : Proxy Server) every time I switch vpn’s. I don’t have RSI and I like to keep it that way. The .reg file below does the trick. (I needed to change Regedit4 into Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00). Got it from this Microsoft KB article. …

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings]

Silent load of registry (.reg) file.

To avoid the anoying popups when double clicking a registry file the registry file can be loaded with the regedit utility silently. Syntax is 'regedit /s . …


C:\\bin\\EXE\\vpn>regedit /s C:\\bin\\EXE\\vpn\\setproxy.reg

Registry Key Locations

Some registry key locations (for manual removal of windows services, startup programs). …

Windows Services (c:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\services.msc)

Startup Commands, MSConfig Startup tab (C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\dllcache\\msconfig.exe)


Shutdown acn be done with the shutdown.exe (C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\shutdown.exe). …

C:\\>rem Reboot

C:\\>C:\WINDOWS\\system32\\shutdown /r

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Make Joomla! multi sites enabled.

Replace $JOOMLA_HOME/configuration.php with the file below and ‘off you go’, the Joomla! codebase can now serve multiple websites. …


On my Joomla! development site (my PC) I have created a configuration.php to make my Joomla! codebase multi sites enabled, that is several website aliases (configured in my httpd.conf) point to the same Joomla! directory. (Needless to say, use it at your own risk.) …

Of course there are some limitations (implications): …

All configured websites share the same $JOOMLA_HOME/administrator/components, $JOOMLA_HOME/components, $JOOMLA_HOME/mambots and $JOOMLA_HOME/modules files thus de-installing a component, module or mambot from one website makes the component unavailable for all websites. The Joomla! installer removes the file from the operating system. But since the ‘de-install’ wasn’t run against the database on another website alias the component (module or mambot) may seemavailable in the administrator panel. …

Solution: I keep a keen eye on the components, modules and mambots I install and save (create) SQL files for manual (MySQL) installation and de-installation. …

Since the $JOOMLA_HOME/configuration.php file is overwritten the use of the configuration panel in the Joomla! administrator sections can only be used for ‘read only’ access. …

The images from $JOOMLA_HOME/images/stories are available to all websites. (I always create $JOOMLA_HOME/images/stories/<site-alias>) (If someone nows of a apache Rewrite trick to solve this please let met know!) …

Step 1. configure apache httpd.conf file

My httpd.conf file looks like below, the ServerAlias *.joomla.remidian.localhost makes sure I can add as much aliasses as I want. …

 ServerName	joomla.remidian.localhost
 ServerAlias	*.joomla.remidian.localhost
 DocumentRoot	"C:/app/apache/Apache1/Apache/htdocs/Roomla_1.0.12"
Step 2. configure hosts file

Next you need to adjust your ‘hosts’ file. You need to tell that …

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Standalone Internet Explorer 7 install

Run Internet Explorer 7 standalone (without touching existing IE6 install). …

Works like a charm! Read the details here; …

C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer 7>IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe /x

C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer 7>
C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer 7>update\\xmllitesetup.exe
Multiple IE installs (> v3)

Didn’t yet try the installer option below: … …

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net use: map network share

To map a network share issue command below: …

Define a network share
net use <drive>: \\\\<servername>\\<directoryname> /user:<domain>\\<username> <password>
Remove a network share
net use <drive>: /delete
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