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Hi, I am an Oracle DBA with almost 15 years experience. Here is where I store some of my braindumps. You can contact me using LinkedIn or GMAIL.

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Transporting an Oracle database to another os platform the fastest way

You can use RMAN to transport tablespaces across platforms with different endian formats. You can also use RMAN to transport an entire database to a different platform so long as the two platforms have the same endian format. — From “27 Transporting Data Across Platforms” – So, in my own words – datafiles (tablespaces) […]

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Fix ORA-00257: archiver error. Connect internal only, until freed – in Oracle 11G

When your database hangs with a ORA-00257 error while you notice there is plenty of space in the /recoveryarea mountpoint you’re likely to have reached the maximum size defined by the new ** initialization parameter ‘db_recovery_file_dest_size‘. Fast solution is to simply increase the value for db_recovery_file_dest_size (and after that of course start archiving…) ** 2012-04-02T12:10:; […]

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Why Oracle May Really Be Doomed This Time I was laying awake early this morning thinking about Oracle. O my Typically I think big public companies are inept, but I would not count Oracle out. Ellison has long shown he viscerally gets where the stock market, the customer and the technology are going. He may be better at this than anyone leading […]

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PL/SQL quickie; generate RMAN set newname script to different mountpoints

Script below generates RMAN newname file where database A is copied to database B AND database B has ‘conflicting’ mountpoints set up. Mountpoints setup on database A is like /m001/, /m002/, /m003/, /m004/ but mountpoints on database B side is just /m001/ and /m002. /m001 has only 800 G free space so I place everything […]

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