Awk dumps. …

Count number of bytes in multiple directories

I have been busy moveing (scp-ing/reorganising) large numer of databases over the network, this little awk script makes me able to count the number of bytes and thus check if my nighlty scp’s …

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dbverify in nohup

Suffering from corruption in your database, it is nearly just as challenging as in real life… …

The other day we suffered from a curruption in a 500+ Gigabyte database, as a sequentual dberify would take about 16+ hours I wrote this …

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man: NAME: ls, ls – list directory contents …

Display only directories in current directory
/cygdrive/c/temp $ ls -ld */
drwxr-xr-x+ 2 rz4tlj mkgroup-l-d 0 Sep 18 07:50 _backup_18-SEP-2007/

/cygdrive/c/temp $ 
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver (oracle GRID)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver java test program. …

Enterprise Manager Grid Control System Monitoring Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server

I have been busy deploying Microsoft SQL Server in our Oracle Enterpise GRID Control using the ‘Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control
System …

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Oracle Advisor – DBMS_ADVISOR

Some ADDM dumps. …

Remove all advisory reports (ADM).
SQL> select 'exec dbms_advisor.delete_task(''' || TASK_NAME || ''' )' from dba_advisor_tasks;

exec dbms_advisor.delete_task('SYS_AUTO_SPCADV_1300592007' )
exec dbms_advisor.delete_task('SYS_AUTO_SPCADV_2700592007' )
exec dbms_advisor.delete_task('SYS_AUTO_SPCADV_2220592007' )
exec dbms_advisor.delete_task('ADDM:1488676071_1_33108' )
exec dbms_advisor.delete_task('ADDM:1488676071_1_33113' )

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Windows handies

Windows handies …

Change internet proxy acces using .reg file

Since I’m on/off different virtual private networks I need to change my internet proxy server (Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options : Connections : Lan Settings : Proxy Server) every time …

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man: NAME: mailx, mail – interactive message processing system …

send file as attachment

Use uuencode to encode a file and pipe it to mailx to be send as attachment (when you quickly need a file on your desktop it’s faster then ftp…) …

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Make Joomla! multi sites enabled.

Replace $JOOMLA_HOME/configuration.php with the file below and ‘off you go’, the Joomla! codebase can now serve multiple websites. …


On my Joomla! development site (my PC) I have created a configuration.php to make my Joomla! codebase multi sites enabled, that is several …

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Standalone Internet Explorer 7 install

Run Internet Explorer 7 standalone (without touching existing IE6 install). …

Works like a charm! Read the details here; …

C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer 7>IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe /x

C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer 7>
C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer 7>update\\xmllitesetup.exe
Multiple IE installs (> v3)

Didn’t yet try the installer option below: … …

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Download and Install of Java (JRE) on Centos

Here’s how I installed JDK on Centos (thanks to …


Go to and download the desired file. …

Extract the .bin file
[root@localhost tmp]# chmod 755 j2re-1_4_2_15-linux-i586-rpm.bin
[root@localhost tmp]# ./j2re-1_4_2_15-linux-i586-rpm.bin
Install the .rpm file
[root@localhost tmp]# rpm -Uvh j2re-1_4_2_15-linux-i586.rpm
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man: NAME: nohup – run a command immune to hangups …

nohup and SQL*Plus

Nohup and SQL*Plus can be easily used together: …

$ nohup sqlplus -s remi/remivisser @update.sql &
[4]     14433
$ Sending output to nohup.out

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new explain plan options (dbms_xplan)

I still need to upgrade to 10g … …

I still tend to use this old fashioned ‘set autot trace exp’
SQL> set autotrace trace exp
SQL> select * from dual;

Execution Plan
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‘Everythin’ about yum – Yellowdog Updater Modified. Yum is an interactive, automated update program which can be used for maintaining systems using rpm. …

Enable YUM behind a Proxy Server

To enable yum behind a proxy server add the http_proxy environment variable …

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Centos 5.0 install fails, kernel panic

Centos welcome screen

The following configuration is at place, VMWare Server (1.0.3) on Windows XP (host operating system). Installation of Centos 5.0 fails with kernel panic. …

I can not get Centos 5.0 installed, I choose, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 as the ‘Guest Operating …

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Create a progress database

Example of manual creation of a progress database using the prostrct utility. …

Create a structure file

First create a structure file with a text editor. …

Rules for creating storage areas and extents
When you are defining storage areas and extents in order …

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man: NAME: pipe – create an interprocess channel …

import from compressed export file

Example below demonstrates how to import ‘directly’ from a compressed file. Handy when you have not enough space on your mountpoint to unpack the file. …

mknod pipe_db01 p

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