Manually triggering Metric Collection (clearing -tablespace- Alerts)

Manually triggering metric collection in Oracle Enterprise Manager (GRID control)

Here’s the scenario:

  1. You have an Alert that your tablespace is ‘full’,
  2. You enlarge the tablespace,
  3. The ‘Tablespace Full Alert’ is still in your dashbord for the next 24 (x) hours since you’ve configured this metric to be collected once every 24 (x) hours,
  4. You want however to ‘remove’ (clear) this Alert. In order to achive this you will have to to re-evaluate this metric collection …

Here is how you do it (for anything storage related on your database server):

$ emctl control agent runCollection <hostname>:host host_storage

See the Oracle docs, 2.7.6 Reevaluating Metric Collections. It shows you how to retrieve the correct collection name for any metric.

You will find yourself grep-ing through ‘$ORACLE_HOME/sysman/admin/metadata/*xml’ and ‘$ORACLE_HOME/sysman/admin/default_collection/*xml’ …

One thought on “Manually triggering Metric Collection (clearing -tablespace- Alerts)

  1. We had alert that was showing 100% full db_recovery_file_dest, and although we cleared up the space,OEM was not refreshing the metric and alert was persisting.

    I used your command and it forced the refresh of the collection, and alert went away.

    emctl control agent runCollection DBNAME:rac_database ‘Recovery_Area’


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