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Hi, I am an Oracle DBA with almost 15 years experience. Here is where I store some of my braindumps. You can contact me using LinkedIn or GMAIL.

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awk remove file with filenumber less then

I’m restoring a large amount of oracle archived redo logs into one directory. The archived redolog filenames have the following names ‘1_116133_820730017.dbf’ – ‘1_{log_sequence_number}_820730017.dbf’. The log sequence number is reflected in the filename, it is the second number pair – between the first and the second underscore. So it is like: 1_116133_820730017.dbf is 1_<log_sequence_number>_820730017.dbf # […]

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RMAN cheatsheet

Commands SET LIST RESTORE LIST ARCHIVELOG Objects archivelogRecordSpecifier # List archives by log sequence LIST BACKUP OF ARCHIVELOG FROM SEQUENCE 3398; # List archives with NEXT_TIME (see <a href="">v$archived_log.next_time</a>) is greater then FROM TIME – last day (24 hours) LIST BACKUP OF ARCHIVELOG FROM TIME "SYSDATE-1"; # List archives between two dates LIST BACKUP OF […]

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Add simple DDLERROR exception in Replicat to ingore certain ORA errors

Short braindump about adding a DDLERROR error exception in your Golden Gate REPLICAT configuration. In this scenario the goal is to prevent my replicat from abending over an ‘ORA-01432: public synonym to be dropped does not exist ‘ error. Check statuses for all OGG processes GGSCI () 3> info all Program Status Group Lag at […]

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Script to get size of generated archived logfiles in certain timeframe

I’m testing a import datapump load procedure and I need to know the approximate size of generated archives that this load will generate to determine the size needed for our database recoveryarea. Script below queries the v$archived_log view for this information. Please note that I have tested this with ONE and only ONE active / […]

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Import / export datapump using FLASHBACK_TIME or FLASHBACK_SCN ( and NETWORK_LINK ) fails with ORA-31693, ORA-01031

I’m writing a shellscript that loads a remote schema into my database using impdp network_link – all goes well. Only once I add the FLASHBACK_TIME I got error below; ORA-31693: Table data object "<TABLE_OWNER>"."<TABLE_NAME>" failed to load/unload and is being skipped due to error: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges ORA-02063: preceding line from <DATABASE_NAME> Here is my […]

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The problem – issueing CREATE_ACL for a new ACL list results in ORA-30992. SQL> BEGIN 2 DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN.CREATE_ACL ( 3 acl => ‘acl_********.xml’, 4 description => ‘Email ACL (*.*.nl + *.*.nl)’, 5 principal => ‘SYSTEM’, 6 is_grant => TRUE, 7 privilege => ‘connect’, 8 start_date => SYSTIMESTAMP, 9 end_date => NULL); 10 COMMIT; 11 end; 12 […]

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init parameter plsql_code_type braindump

Some code for plsql_code_type below; Current setting select * from v$parameter where name = ‘plsql_code_type’ / breakdown per plsql_code_type col owner for a18 col plsql_code_type for a18 select owner, plsql_code_type, count(*) from dba_plsql_object_settings group by owner, plsql_code_type order by owner, plsql_code_type / compile schema(s) After changing init.ora paramter begin for i in ( select * […]

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Using Email (utl_smtp) in Oracle 11g (results in ORA-24247) – Network Access Control List (ACL).

Using UTL_SMTP to send email from your oracle database has changed in Oracle 11g. Or – to be more precise – accessing the remote network has changed. Initializing a remote connection using UTL_SMTP will typically result in error below if you did not configure your database network access lists (ACL) for the user involved. -1. […]

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Script to find duplicate datafile names

Whenever you want to duplicate (copy/scp) a database and place all datafiles into one single directory you always have to check if there are no duplicate filenames. Eg like; /m001/oradata/oracle_sid/filename1.dbf /m002/oradata/oracle_sid/filename1.dbf scp /m*/oradata/oracle_sid/*dbf remote_host:/m001/oradata/dup_oracle_sid/. SQL> select substr ( file_name, instr( file_name, ‘/’, -1)) file_name, count(*) 2 from dba_data_files 3 group by substr ( file_name,instr( file_name, […]

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shutdown immediate taking ages (two days) to complete – or – ‘No, I will NOT enlarge the UNDO tablespace’ – or – patience …

Third party asked for a restart of one of our testing databases that was having issues. Although I’m always a bit skeptical on simple restart requests I think in this case it actually turned out to shed some light; one huge transaction of a ‘runaway process’ turned out to virtually block all other operations … […]

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Trace you own session using dbms_system / set events

For debugging … Make sure the session has a direct execute grant on dbms_system package. Level 12 makes sure to include the waits and bind data. dbms_system begin for i in (select sid, serial# from v$session where audsid=SYS_CONTEXT(‘USERENV’,’SESSIONID’)) loop sys.dbms_system.set_ev ( si => i.sid, se => i.serial#, ev => 10046, LE => 12, nm => […]

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Overcome “ERROR: ‘${ORACLE_HOME}/agent11g’ subdirectory already exists in Oracle Inventory. Specify another home location.” when doing a silent install in a non-empty Oracle home.

While testing our silent Oracle Grid agents installs I ran into error below when (re-)installing into a non-empty Oracle home directory. $ ./runInstaller -silent -responseFile /home/oracle/additional_agent.rsp -invPtrLoc /var/opt/oracle/oraInst.loc . . ERROR: Error:"${ORACLE_HOME}/agent11g" subdirectory already exists in Oracle Inventory. Specify another home location. . . This error can easily be overcome by manually editting the ‘inventory.xml […]

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SQL query to show tables vs indexes in your tablespaces

SQL query below displays a tables / indexes breakdown of your tablespaces. SELECT tablespaces.tablespace_name, NVL( tables, 0) as tables, NVL( indexes, 0) as indexes FROM dba_tablespaces tablespaces LEFT OUTER JOIN ( SELECT COUNT(*) tables, tablespace_name FROM dba_segments WHERE segment_type = ‘TABLE’ GROUP BY tablespace_name ) tables ON tablespaces.tablespace_name = tables.tablespace_name LEFT OUTER JOIN ( SELECT […]

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SQL script to check available space in your recoveryarea (db_recovery_file_dest_size)

We’re hitting a lot of ORA-19815, ORA-19809, ORA-00257, ORA-16038 these days on some of our development databases – see here. Scroll down for an updated version. The space_reclaimable should be substracted from space_used. Script below displays percentage used in in your recoveryarea(s) as defined in init parameter ‘db_recovery_file_dest_size’. col name for a32 col size_m for […]

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